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Thu, Jun 5, 2014
Lecture Hall
5 pm
Free admission
Bridget Ann Baker : The Remains of the Father, Photo: Promo

Bridget Ann Baker: The Remains of the Father
South Africa, Italy 2012, Video, hdv, color, 24:00 min

Benjamin Tiven: A Third Version of the Imaginary
USA, Kenia 2012, Video, hdv, color, 12:00 min

Andrés Pachón: Sombras de Nueva Guinea
Spain 2011, exp. Documentary, dv, color, 01:50 min

Bridget Ann Baker interrogates Italian colonial history in Eretria and Ethiopia between 1930 and 1941. An Eritrean researcher discovers the unofficial archives, kept by a couple that worked for the Ministry of Italy in Africa. She translates the documents that deal with the birth of colonial style, and promotes modernist Ethiopian architecture. Benjamin Tiven visits the archives centre of film and video of the Broadcasting Corporation in Nairobi, Kenya. An archivist looks for a specific image; a voice-off in a Swahili accent questions the televised image archives and the translation of the word “image”. Andrés Pachon modifies scenes of the film by Robert Gardner, directed in 1964 in New Guinea, and criticises the anthropologists for its inauthentic character.