Contemporary Fictions - Part 1

Wed, Jun 4, 2014
Lecture Hall
9 pm
Free admission
Léandre Bernard-Brunel: Colorature, Photo: Promo

Vera Brueckner: What Happens When the Heart Just Stops
Germany 2013, documentary, 16mm, black and white, 11:31 min

Léandre Bernard-Brunel: Colorature
France, India 2012, exp. Fiction, hdv, color, 25:50 min

Gregg Smith: Backstage of My Life
France 2013, exp. Fiction, hdcam, color, 08:41 min

Roy Samaha, Omar Fakhoury: Incarnation of a Bird from an Oil Painting
Lebanon 2013, exp. Fiction, hdcam, color, 08:00 min

Que Chi Truong: Black Sun
Vietnam 2012, Fiction, hdcam, color, 12:55 min

Isiah Medina: One One
Philippines, Canada 2013, exp. Fiction, 16mm, color, 05:05 min

Noëlle Pujol, Andreas Bolm: Dossier Scolaire
France 2012, exp. Fiction, hdv, color, 23:00 min

Vera Brueckner visits the Natural History Museum in Munich and proposes and elliptical vision, capturing everyday moments where life and death play an extraordinary match. Léandre Bernard-Brunel asks his friends to personify, in the jungle of Baroda, India, the characters of the “Magic Flute”, as if time was suspended in a night moving backwards, a melodrama that is absurd and solemn. The actor Gregg Smith expresses his doubts about his profession during the break between two takes on set. He describes a dream during which he interviewed a celebrity actor, before the interview went wrong. Roy Samaha and Omar Fakhoury reconstitute an anecdote linked to Chiha Haddad, the sister of Bechara El-Khoury, an emblematic president of the Lebanese Republic, imprisoned for taking up prescriptions by a miraculous doctor. Que Chi Truong films a young couple at the drift of an urban jungle in the biggest town in Vietnam. They hum “Black Sun”, a rock song that expresses the pessimism of the youth in Southern Vietnam before the unification of the country in 1975. Isiah Medina questions the character of a philosopher, born of the divorce between existence and thought. Noëlle Pujol and Andreas Bolm film a story of love and ghosts, a trap held between the hallways of a deserted school.