2014, Sat, May 10

Silly Love Songs

With Adriano Celentano Gebäckorchester, Justus Köhncke, Friedrich Liechtenstein, Lifafa

Stupid Music (Doofe Musik) | Adriano Celentano Gebäckorchester | © ACGO

Stupid Music (Doofe Musik) | Adriano Celentano Gebäckorchester | © ACGO

“You’d think that people would have had enough of silly love songs/ but I look around me and I see it isn’t so.” Paul McCartney’s insight of 1976 remains as true as ever – which is as good a reason as any for STUPID MUSIC to devote a special gala to the subject.

In the lineup: Justus Köhncke, Kompakt techno artist, not only has always had a weakness for “frippery and kitsch,” as divulged in the opening song of his current album, “Justus Köhncke & The Wonderful Frequency Band,” but also bears the eternal imprint of McCartney’s anthem. For years, an equally relaxed attitude toward sentimental songs has been evinced by Friedrich Liechtenstein, Berlin actor and connoisseur of the living arts, who recently has seen a surprising rise to media fame thanks to the viral ad campaign of a well-known German supermarket chain. The evening becomes a global experiment thanks to Lifafa from Delhi, front man of the psychedelic musical circus Peter Cat Recording Co., who made his Berlin debut as a solo artist at the 2013 Worldtronics festival at HKW. Finally, the many-headed Adriano Celentano Gebäckorchester, which has been singing, blowing, stomping and hooting for years in the Berlin underground about the Italian sides of life, shifts down a few speeds to bring out the Mediterranean sentiment in all of us.