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2014, Sat, May 10

The Fear of Flight

With Markus Bongartz (composer, Berlin), Andreas Dorschel (music historian, Graz), Reinhold Friedl (musician, Berlin), Simon Grab (musician, Zurich), moderated by: Holger Schulze (Leuphana, Lüneburg)

Stupid Music (Doofe Musik) | Reinhold Friedl | © J. Gern

Stupid Music (Doofe Musik) | Reinhold Friedl | © J. Gern

What a pleasure it is to flee into the silly, the artless, the crude! So what are we afraid of? Why do we grasp for self-justifying declarations – “that’s so bad that it’s good” – to gain ironical, objective or dialectical distance?

What’s wrong with our guilty pleasures? Do they threaten our self-image as self-empowered, comprehensively reflective and knowledgeable subjects? This symposium seeks to sound out our fear of the stupid.