2014, Sat, Apr 26 and 2014, Thu, May 01

10 Minutes (Ship Bun)

D: Lee Yong-seung

Korean Cinema Today 2014 | 10 Minutes (Ship Bun), film still

Korean Cinema Today 2014 | 10 Minutes (Ship Bun), film still

Korea 2013, 93 Min, English subtitles

An exacting study of a rigid working world and the existential everyday fight for survival that it breeds: When a permanent position becomes available, the intern Ho-chan wastes no time in applying. His dreams may lie elsewhere, but he is the family breadwinner. The tough selection process, however, turns out to be a fraudulent scheme by which to hire a different, less-qualified applicant. Ho-chan mutates from popular coworker to ill-tempered outsider. He finds himself left with ten minutes to decide whether to accept a job at another’s expense.
Berlinale Forum 2014.

Lee Yong-seung (*1980) won the prize for Best Film at the 2010 Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival with “Richard, the Elite Student from London.” His film “10 Minutes” won the FIPRESCI Prize at BIFF 2013 as well as the KNN Movie Award.