2014, Sat, Apr 26 and 2014, Sun, May 04


D: Lee Yubin

Korean Cinema Today 2014 | Shuttlecock, film still | © Promo

Korean Cinema Today 2014 | Shuttlecock, film still | © Promo

Korea 2013, 107 Min, English subtitles

An atypical road movie with a guerilla-film aesthetic: After the death of their parents, the half-sister of the 17-year-old Min-jae disappears with most of their inheritance and without a word. Min-jae isn’t angry because of the money alone – he doesn’t understand why she’s gone into hiding. When he drives off to search for her, he discovers that his little brother has hidden in the car. Though he repeatedly tries to get rid of him, the journey brings the brothers closer together and Min-jae drops his bad-boy pose.
Honors including Citizen Reviewers’ and NETPAC Awards at BIFF 2013

Lee Yubin (*1982) studied visual arts at Chung-Ang University. She has directed three short films in recent years. “My Zombie Boy” (2006) was shown at the Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival. Working in the areas of editing and screenplay, she has contributed to other film projects. Her long-film debut, “Shuttlecock,” premiered in 2013.