Bad Words

from 2021

Bad Words | Design: Studio Yukiko

Bad Words | Design: Studio Yukiko

“I now no longer use the better words.” This is the beginning of Ilse Aichinger’s brief essay Bad Words and the anthology of the same name in which she develops her resistant poetics. A refusal of the imperative, of false certainties and the unassailable. Can we unlearn the reproduction of violence in language? Are the weaker expressions our salvation?

Based on Aichinger’s work, the audio series Bad Words creates a place for a different way of speaking about language and literature, for approaching a new sense of language. From conversations, readings, voice messages, field recordings and music, a polyphonic space is created with changing guests. The idea is: We start from one text so that another text can begin.

An audio series by Fabian Saul, in cooperation with Mathias Zeiske. Contributors include Sophia Eisenhut, Merve Emre, Hanne Lippard, Tanasgol Sabbagh, Karosh Taha, Senthuran Varatharajah, Uljana Wolf and others.

Part of The New Alphabet

Audio series

from October 2021

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Bad Words #1

With Merve Emre, Hanne Lippard, Tanasgol Sabbagh, Fabian Saul, Karosh Taha, Senthuran Varatharajah and Uljana Wolf
In German and English