HKW out and about

September – Dezember 2016

HKW is closed until the end of 2016 and is now out and about with projects in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Following the reopening in January 2017, collaborative projects will also take place in New York, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Zürich and other cities.

Unusual places and experimental formats unite to form fascinating constellations, whether Kader Attia’s lecture performance in a historic anatomy lecture hall at the Charité, Rimini Protokoll’s “Expert Theater” in a Munich museum, one of the last public events at the Ethnological Museum in Dahlem with Arjun Appadurai, Tony Bennett and Sharon Macdonald, two evenings in Berlin and Hamburg nightclubs to re-enact the 1960s underground of Hubert Fichte or the story of an informal economy in a former Berlin cemetery.