Johnny Golding

Johnny Golding is a philosopher and poet who is internationally renowned for her philosophy enactments, installations, and soundscape exhibitions. Golding’s research covers the entangled dimensionalities of radical matter, an intradisciplinary arena of art, philosophy, and the wild sciences set on the playing fields of electronic/digital poetics, the logics of sense, metamathematics, and modern physics. She is a research professor of philosophy and fine art at the Royal College of Art, London. Previous roles include Director of the Centre for Fine Art Research (CFAR) at Birmingham School of Art (2012–16); professor of philosophy in the visual arts and communication technologies at The University of Greenwich, London; and Director of the Institute for the Converging Arts and Sciences (ICAS) in London (2003–12). Golding is currently finishing her latest monograph, entitled Radical Matter: Wild Science, Philosophy and the Courage of Art.

1948 Unbound: