Research Project 2015–2019

© Torsten Blume and Christian Lueger

© Torsten Blume and Christian Lueger

Stemming from the entanglement between human culture, natural environments, and global technologies, the technosphere forms a new and highly dynamic component of the Earth system. Amorphous in its gestalt, yet, it is powerful in altering the history of this planet and the conditions for life on it. This new sphere creates hybrid ecologies that drastically change the metabolism of our planet.

The dilemma of global technology and its identity is the main theme of Technosphere. From 2015 to 2019 the explorative research project hosts three public events to spur conversations among scientists, artists, and the general public that explore the origins and future itineraries of the technosphere.

In addition to these public articulations, the online publication Technosphere Magazine aims to fathom this new sphere on a continuous basis, sounding out its depths and properties, highlighting particular instances and phenomena, probing its logics and protocols. Until spring 2019, eight curated thematic dossiers will be released each year, tying together research pieces and artistic as well as experimental approaches to the technosphere to create new narratives.

Concept and realization: Katrin Klingan, Christoph Rosol, Nick Houde, Janek Müller, Johanna Schindler, Mira Witte, with Bernard Geoghegan and Anna Luhn

Technosphere (2015-19) is part of 100 Years of Now.

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