What Are Cookies?

Cookies are packages of data that are exchanged between your browser and the website. They store information over numerous visits to the website. They enable identification to be transferred securely to your network. Your browser stores the cookies on your computer. Cookies are unable to operate programmes and are not viruses.

You can specify how cookies should be treated in your browser settings. You may generally decline all cookies or arrange to be notified whenever cookies are used. You can also check in your browser settings which cookies have been stored and what they contain.


Use of Cookies

Our website uses cookies. In order to be able to use all its functions, we recommend that in addition to strictly necessary cookies you also activate further (third party) cookies or to click on the button ‘Accept all cookies’ to ensure you can use our website fully. By doing this, you also confirm that you consent to the use of cookies from third parties of foreign countries outside Europe or non-EEA countries.

If you click on ‘Accept selected cookies’ without selecting third-party cookies, we will apply the default setting of only using strictly necessary cookies. This may result in you being unable to access parts of our website and therefore being unable to use some functions. You can change or cancel your settings at any time. You can find further information in our privacy policy.


Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies ensure that the website is technically stable. Without these, unfortunately you will not be able to use our website or sections of it.


Third-Party Cookies

We use SoundCloud to present audio content in our media library. This means that our audio files are stored by this third party and integrated into our media library using its media player. If you want to use this function, please activate third-party cookies. The actual number of cookies used depends on your individual browser settings.  

If you have your own SoundCloud account and are logged in while playing the audio files stored there, it is possible that additional cookies may be used by these providers.


SoundCloud cookies

Companies that process these data:
SoundCloud Global Limited & Co. KG, Rheinsberger Str. 76/77, 10115 Berlin

Nature and purpose of these data:
According to our knowledge, SoundCloud will process your IP address and related information about which embedded services you have activated on our site. We receive anonymised and aggregated user statistics from which we can determine the number of hits our audio files received.

Period of retention:
Information about how long SoundCloud will retain your data can be found in the SoundCloud privacy policy in the section ‘Exercising Your EU Privacy Rights’.

You can find links to SoundCloud’s privacy and cookie policies here.

For more information on Data Protection see the KBB privacy policy.