Njathi Kabui is a chef with a passion for food justice, a leading expert in food literacy, a medical anthropologist, and an organic farmer. He is actively involved in promoting food literacy as a public speaker, writer, and a social commentator. Chef Kabui regularly appears on Inooro, one of the most popular radio stations that broadcasts in Gíkùyù (his native language) as well as on international media. Chef Kabui has worked across many areas of the food sector, including farming, marketing, and food app design, reaching the consumer’s plate through his advocacy and eclectic food workshops and dinners that have taken place on farms as well as at non-profits, museums, academic institutions, and corporate events.

Chef Kabui has designed his own cuisine that he calls Afro Futuristic Conscious Cuisine and the approach of which addresses issues relating to climate change, health, and food justice. As an extension of this practice, in 2016 Chef Kabui set up the Kenya Food Literacy & Sustainability Center, which has a village and urban branch that establish farms and creates spaces to reflect on food. Chef Kabui is committed to steering a paradigm shift of food literacy in his network of chefs, writers, and activists, while also working keenly with marginalized groups and communities in an effort to empower them on food issues. 

In the frame of this curated dinner, Chef Kabui serves a menu entirely built around organic food of the season. Guests are invited to experience a three-course vegan menu proposition conceived as a contribution to the Consuming phase of A Participatory Planet.

As part of Tongue and Throat Memories and A Participatory Planet