Madalitso Band 

Despite its minimalist constellation of only two members, Madalisto Band is an unconventional yet formidable power duo. Emitting an imposing sonic presence, Yobu Maligwa, who also doubles as the lead vocalist, commands the depth of sound with his babatone, a distinctive bass instrument crafted from a wash drum body. Simultaneously, Yosefe Kalekeni masterfully navigates the realm of stringed instruments with his four-string guitar, complementing it with a drum adorned with cowhide, incorporating his vocals to the ensemble as well. Suffusing their environment with an aura of focused energy and seemingly straightforward yet mesmerizing rhythms, their sound is intricately interwoven with syncopations.


BANTU, short for the Brotherhood Alliance Navigating Towards Unity, stands out as a 13-piece musical collective celebrated for their vibrant sound and socially-aware lyrics. Founded in Germany by brothers Ade Bantu and Abiodun and deeply rooted in the sounds of Lagos, the hub of the worldwide Afropop scene, the band has forged a distinctive fusion of Afrobeat, Afrofunk, and Yoruba music, serving as a conduit for cultural preservation, and spiritual expression, carrying with it centuries of tradition, wisdom, and collective experience. BANTU thrives on a collaborative ethos, fostering a sense of community where each member has a chance to shine. Their music effortlessly transcends boundaries, blending funk with political consciousness to create a poetic musical experience.

Rehema Taijir & Queen Asher
Live Set

Rehema Tajiri and Queen Asher form a remarkable mother-daughter duo, illustrating the intertwining of family bonds with creative journeys. Tajiri’s career spans over two decades, initially rising to prominence in the Tanzanian-Congolese rumba scene as a singer and dancer. Inspired by her mother’s musical legacy, Queen Asher emerges as a singular female singeli DJ, with both mother and daughter reshaping the genre with their vibrant presence. Singeli music is characterized by fast tempos and contagious rhythms, and is closely associated with singeli dance culture, often featuring DJs and MCs performing live at singeli parties, dance competitions and other gatherings. Through performances and collaborations with artists like Tajiri and Queen Asher, singeli music has begun gaining international recognition, introducing the genre to global audiences.