What’s so political about the weather? And how do the actions of individuals in and outside of school relate to it? Which artistic role models and tactics can help to discuss the climate crisis in classrooms and develop visions of the present and the future?

This workshop addresses the individual relationships of educators to climate-related topics. By way of conversations and performative exercises, there is room to reflect on our own knowledge and emotions in the face of the climate crisis, as well as on perspectives for action. Furthermore, art educational methods for teaching agency in times of climate crises will be put to the test. These include exercises in which our immediate lifeworlds and habits are observed, as well as those that use theatre pedagogical means to demonstrate activist possibilities for sustainability and global justice.

Based on artistic positions, materials, and texts, the objective is to enter into a dialogue, to become active, and to develop applicability in an educational context. The workshop focuses on individual forms of comprehension and behaviour, while still emphasizing the necessity of structural measures on a macro level.

The workshop was conceived as part of the seminar ‘Klimawandel bestärkend vermitteln’ under the direction of Nanna Lüth, BCP Visiting Professor for Didactics Critical of Discrimination in the Field of the Arts, along with students from degree programmes in Art Teaching and Art in Context. It will be led by three small groups in rotation.

The workshop is aimed at educators interested in art and climate issues and is part of a cooperation between the HKW and UdK Berlin as part of the project Schools of Sustainability. Agency in the Face of Crisis (2023–24).