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School of Quilombismo

O Quilombismo

June–August 2023

Visual School of Quilombismo

The School of Quilombismo is a roaming programme that embodies and resonates with the imaginative, wayward, unorthodox, and self-determined pedagogical and knowledge practices of Africa and its diasporas.

In the spirit of the quilombo educators, nomadic cosmologists, fugitive scientists, and street philosophers, the School of Quilombismo is a programme that takes shape through performances, discussions, workshops, a night school, listening sessions, dance parties, and walks. Each communal gathering is itinerant and sometimes unsettling, informing the next session and fostering spaces for collective (un)learning by appearing (and disappearing) in several non-institutional and public spaces throughout Berlin during the summer of 2023.

Contributions by artists, hustlers, anarchists, healers, students, educators, children, cultural workers, drop-outs, city dwellers, activists, caretakers, musicians, parents, as well as by those who incite discomfort in between and at the peripheries of positions and hierarchies—all are brought together in the context of the school. The School of Quilombismo aims to pay homage to friendships, histories, and networks that inhabit the energy, spirit, knowledge, and politics of marronage, anti-colonial troublemakers, and the quilombo to carry on the belief that radical forms of pedagogies can support how people navigate their everyday lives as well as the futures to come.

For information and registration please write to education@hkw.de.

This project is co-conceptualized with Amal Alhaag & André Pitol.