‘Siestaria’ is a resting place to tune in with our dreams. During this event, participants engage in an autonomous guided listening practice that is nevertheless wired with others, moving through different experiences that happen asynchronously. In the oneiric realm, territories are reorganized in restless and unpredictable ways. The spaces within that environment may appear personal and intimate, yet they also provide opportunities for collective transpositions. Like a radio that connects physically isolated spaces, one can approach ancient dream technology as a tool for bridging realities. Can messages be sent and received in dreams? How can one map the dream world or perceive our antennas? Can one be here and elsewhere at the same time? This millenary means of communication could also be our radio of the future. By resonating the dream imagination with waking cosmology, this event considers how to broaden perceptions and gain fresh insights into the challenges of our present existence. What information is channeled when gravity acts on us, when our bodies are still, what is heard? What does a collective dream sound like? How might one make oneself available to listen to it?

Visitors are invited to wander through different stages of the dream-sound-scape, which are orchestrated in a radiophonic dreamspace. Bring any sleeping aids like blankets and pillows to feel most comfortable. The workshop is open for everyone to join at any time, no registration needed.