Join us in the Pavillion at HKW’s Semra Ertan Garden for a special launch of the BOM Magazine. In the context of HKW’s summer programme, Ballet of the Masses, this publication offers an array of perspectives that situate football as a field of contention and potential. The contributors tackle the large, minute, and supposedly trivial topics, questions, and debates surrounding football in conversations, essays, poetry, and visual essays. The bookazine features a dynamic feel and aesthetic between a football magazine and a paperback, developed together with Archive Books. It is lavishly illustrated with photographs and illustrations that offer a bold visual commentary, and in parts contemporary vision, of the world’s favourite sport. The panelists and authors give an introduction into the themes they explored in their contributions, including a retrospective look at a female football team active in Kreuzberg in the early nineties, contemporary deployment of AI between the football pitch and the warzone, and the musings of an actual soccer dad on the state of football pedagogy today.