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Ballet of the Masses

On Football and Catharsis 

Architecture, Discourse, Film, Literature, Music, Performance, Sports


Initiative Creative Gaming, Workshop im Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

On the event of UEFA EURO 2024, HKW dedicates its entire space and programme to deliberations on football. The sport reflects social issues such as migration, gender, and racism, demonstrating both its potential for solidarity and its susceptibility to cementing the ills of our societies. A discourse programme examines football as a dynamic art form weaving together histories and as a platform for the exploration of belonging, identity, and the nuances of the human body. Concerts, DJ sets, and sonic intervention celebrate the Afro-diaspora in the spirit of acknowledging the many sonic migrations through football. A film programme brings to the foreground footballers who are usually overlooked or even deliberately ignored in both global and local settings. Installations, performances, workshops, and teacher trainings complete the programme.

To the curatorial statement

Play with us!
During the whole festival, football goals, table tennis tables, table football, and basketball hoops are available for everyone free of charge at the counter in the Sylvia Wynter Foyer. Daily except Tuesdays, starting 14:00 until the end of the programme.