Merging the shamanic knowledge and practices of nomadic peoples with emerging technologies, Tatnuu transforms the ancestral into a form of futurism. Informed by myths, tales, and customs passed down to him by his grandparents, the artist uses the metaphor of a fishing net as a way to connect to the world of spirits. The net alludes both to organic structures such as spider webs and also to the neural networks that underpin artificial intelligence. The artist took an old family prayer told to him by his father and wove neural networks into the work so as to reinterpret and extract new meaning from it. In his installation, Tatnuu uses textile, 3D printing, machine learning, and traditional craft to blur the line between synthetic and natural. In doing so, the work makes a poetic statement about the interdependence of all beings and the decentralized nature of the universe often echoed in emerging technologies.

Work in the exhibition: Untitled (2023), plastic, textile, 3D printing, digital prints, 60 × 65 × 20 cm