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2013, Thu, Oct 24

Pure Hate

with Ale Dumbsky, Robert Stadlober, Volkan Terror, Jetzmann

Robert Stadlober | © Matthias David

Robert Stadlober | © Matthias David

Since rap music pacified New York’s gang wars forty years ago, the art of verbally destroying one’s adversary has gone global. Today rappers around the world target Jews, gays, women, whites and any political opponent imaginable in an extreme sport of the poetic kind, fed by deep-seated phobias.

Buback label founder Ale Dumbsky, actor and indie musician Robert Stadlober, and the all-hating Volkan Terror rip the international poison cabinet wide open. Stripping hate-rap of all funk and flow, they set it in an atonally absurd sound environment created by Jetzmann. The result: brutal bluntness and cacophony.