2013, Thu, Oct 24

Hate's Delicate Blossom

The Schwarzenbach

The Schwarzenbach | © Claudia Rorarius

The Schwarzenbach | © Claudia Rorarius

The Schwarzenbach is the noted collaboration of the band Kammerflimmer Kollektief, which somnambulates between repetition and jazz, with author and BÖSE MUSIK / EVIL MUSIC keynote speaker Dietmar Dath.

After years of wordless sound exploration by the band, Dath gives their floating arrangements a voice for the first time, one that sounds like David Bowie singing like Lou Reed. Their CD “Farnschiffe” (dubbed “shooting kit blues” by Spex magazine), released in 2012 on the ZickZack label, was received with equal parts appreciation and hate. The band tends lovingly to the latter in their exclusive program for BÖSE MUSIK / EVIL MUSIC.