2005, Thu, Apr 21 — 2005, Tue, Apr 26

Terminal 1 / SIRAP mon amour

Video installation by Tim White-Sobieski, with music by Brian Eno, and an installation by Sissel Tolaas

Terminal 1

Video installation by Tim White-Sobieski, 2002, music by Brian Eno and J. Peter Schwalm.

White's personal experiences following the terrorist attacks in New York on 11 September 2001 provide the background to the sound installation, which reflects a city after a terrorist attack. Empty aeroplanes and asbestos dust, which covered the city for months, as well as the view from an artist's studio and his thoughts about the people he lost that day, appear in this loop as artistic reflection, inspired by Brian Eno and J. Peter Schwalm's music.

SIRAP mon amour

Installation by Sissel Tolaas, (work commissioned by the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris, 2003)

This installation brings together different smells from daily life in Paris that have been synthetically produced by Sissel Tolaas in complex process. "Cities offer a rich variety of smells and other sensuous impressions. Certain parts of the city have the characteristic smell of the activities performed there. And these places may even have their own unmistakable smell corresponding to the place where they originate: the school might smell of oil and sweat, the market of the goods sold there, the hairdresser's and the perfume store of the scents and ointments found there, etc. etc. These different, locally based smells could function as a smell map by which the city's inhabitants can identify their environments on the basis their smells. Unfortunately, reality is very different. We tend to consider smells in purely aesthetic categories: pleasant or unpleasant." (Sissel Tolaas)