Tradition and Fertility

"Seid fruchtbar und mehret Euch"

Thu, Dec 8, 2005
7 pm
Admission: 5 €, concessions 3 €
Dover Koashvili, Late Marriage, Copyright: Promo

In almost all societies, marriage between man and woman is sacrosanct. However, rigid traditions on the one hand, and the dictates of the law on the other, turn marriage between men and women into an ordeal. Kiffah Massarwi, protagonist in the film Just Married (documenting the defence of territory by matrimonial law) will be present at the talk.

Late Marriage

Feature film by Dover Kosashvili , Israel/France 2001, 100 min, English subtitles

At the age of 32, Zaza is still a student. His family, which comes from Georgia, wants him to marry. Tradition demands that he choose a virgin of good birth, and Zara goes along with this. Yet there is one thing his parents do not know: Zara is already in love - with the attractive Judith. Judith comes from Morocco, is divorced, and has a 6-year-old daughter. When his family finds out, the entire clan pounces on the two of them. Zara has to decide between respect for tradition and love. With disarming honesty - both tragic and comic at the same time - the film shows a family at war with itself.


Documentary by Ebtisan Marana , Israel 2004, 48 min, English subtitles

The village for Al-Jisr is regarded as one of the poorest and most violent places in Israel. Driven by despair, a group of courageous young single women try to improve the quality of their lives there. They struggle against tradition, against the clan hierarchy and against even their own femininity so that - God forbid - they will not be considered weak.