Dance Performance – German Première

Daniel Kok (Singapore/Berlin)


Thu, Jun 16, 2011
10.30 pm
Admission: 10 €/8 €

In English

Daniel Kok, „Q&A“, Foto: Jason Tong

Consumer orientation need not always be restricted to commercial products. From the moment he has an idea to the completion of the final product, Daniel Kok subordinates his performance to the expectations of the audience.

The young choreographer turns the principle of Q&A on its head and conducts field research through online surveys: what does a potential audience expect from a contemporary dance piece? Kok designs his performance in accordance with the answers submitted – about music, movements or choice of color. The performance itself begins with a short introduction and is repeatedly interrupted with requests for feedback. The guiding principle is not enhanced commercial value, but genuine mutual attention in a spirit of partnership: what would you like to see?