2008, Sun, Oct 26

Learning from ... Colonial Modernity

with Marion von Osten (artist and curator) and Jesko Fezer (architect and exhibition designer)

Marion von Osten, in her work as an artist, cultural scientist and exhibition-maker, Marion von Osten adopts a trans-disciplinary approach. Her exhibitions and events, as well as her artistic and theoretical works, deal with post-colonial and neo-liberal conditions, the government of mobility and subjectivity, and the social significance of cultural production. From 1996-98, Marion von Osten was curator of the Shedhalle Zurich, where she organised projects such as Sex&Space, SUPERmarkt and MoneyNations. From 2003-2005, she was the artistic director of Projekt Migration (together with Kathrin Rhomberg) and TRANSIT MIGRATION (with Regina Römhild). Since 2006, she has held a professorship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Her publications include Projekt Migration (2005) and Norm der Abweichung (2003).

Jesko Fezer is an architect living and working in Berlin. He is part of the political architecture magazine "An Architektur", the bookshop "Pro qm" and the architecture cooperative "ifau und Jesko Fezer".