2008, Sat, Jul 19

Hamid Baroudi

A Voice for the Whole World

Hamid Baroudi | © Promo

Hamid Baroudi | © Promo

Baroudi, who made his name singing for the Dissidenten, will always be a ‘political animal’. In his music, the frontman of global pop combines all cultural directions imaginable. He sings in five languages. His meandering voice masters the Arabic art of embellishment, switching back and forth between Afro-Latin percussion and Indian rhythmns, assimilating elements of Western rock music. Hamid Baroudi has toured England, Spanien and Japan with Peter Gabriel. Now he is coming to Germany to give a concert and a preview of his latest disc, which is due for release in October. And he has come up with a new arrangement of the song ‘Ana Bachik Al Bahr’ (I love the sea) for Mohamed Mounir.

Presented by Al Jazeera and NIL SAT