2008, Thu, Jul 24

Half the Land is Sinking

The South Sea and the Seven Seas

When Barack Obama visits Berlin on Thursday, 24 July 2008, a number of roads will be closed to traffic. Consequently, you will be able to access the House of World Cultures in the following ways only: from Hauptbahnhof, or by taking the M85 bus, or by car along Willy-Brandt-Straße or the Bettina-von-Arnim-Ufer.

Are we really endangered by the Seven Seas? Or vice versa? New Zealand is already preparing to cope with refugees from the South Sea whose islands may one day disappear beneath the waves. When dykes are built in Germany, the rising height of the tide is taken into account. What concepts do we need to stop the rise in the sea level?

With Prof. Stefan Rahmstorf, Author of the popular book Wie bedroht sind die Ozeane (How serious is the threat to the oceans?), member of the UN Climate Council

Moderation: Karsten Schwanke, ZDF, Moderator of the science programme Abenteuer Wissen