Fábio Fabuloso

D: Pedro Cezar, Ricardo Bocão, Antônio Ricardo

Fri, Jul 11, 2008
10 pm
Admission Film solo: € 5, concessions € 3 | Day ticket all inclusive: € 10, conc. € 8
Fabio Fabuloso, © FABIO FABULOSO publicity

Documentary, Brazil 2004, 70 min, English subtitles

On ‘youtube’ you can still see those extremely elegant movements as he rode the crests of waves during the 1991 World Surfing Championship in Hawaii. Fábio Gouveia was probably Brazil’s greatest ever surfista – although his son his now following his father’s example. In the style of a Brazilian fable, the film narrates the way the boy from Paraibo came to win the world championship again and again.