2008, Fri, Jul 11

La Pupuña (Brazil)

Surf from Amazonia

La Pupuña | Foto: Taiana Laiun

La Pupuña | Foto: Taiana Laiun

Under the assumed name, Lambada, this global music fusion turned into hype: in Guitarrada, echoes of African rythmns are combined with Brazilian Tango and a dash of merengue. Coming from Belém, the boomtown of Guitarrada, the Pupuñeros more or less inhaled this hot Salsa. And they add a little spice too: Punk, Cuba Son and classical Surf. They are now surrounded by so many passionately dancing women that Ricky Martin would almost die of jealousy.

We thank the Cultural Ministry of Brasil and BM&A (Brasil Music and Arts) for the support.