Readings, screening, workshop

You Are a Wave and I Am a Wave

A Day with Ignota and Jesse Darling, Paige Emery, Hannah Gregory, Johanna Hedva, IONE, Nisha Ramayya, Tai Shani, Sarah Shin, Jenna Sutela, and others

Sat, Jul 9, 2022
5–11 pm
Free admission, workshop with registration

Please register for the writing workshop with Nisha Ramayya by July 7:

In English

Part of Alphabet Readings
July 8 & 9

Milky Ways (Video Still, 2022) , © Jenna Sutela

As the new epoch unfolds, might we think of mutualisms as a form of love?

You Are a Wave and I Am a Wave explores varieties of consciousness and healing in order to reimagine the individual, intimacy and interconnectedness for the nascent age of air. Through an interdisciplinary series of conversations, practices, performances, poetry readings, workshops and live screenings, You Are a Wave and I Am a Wave experiments with ways of being and holding together what may be incommensurate, paradoxical or slipping away.

Artists, poets, writers and practitioners Jesse Darling, Paige Emery, Hannah Gregory, Johanna Hedva, IONE, Nisha Ramayya, Tai Shani, Sarah Shin, Jenna Sutela and others join a day with Ignota Books – an experiment in the techniques of awakening.

Curated by Sarah Shin and Mathias Zeiske

4 pm cancelled
Sonic Meditations
Listening session with IONE

5 pm
Writing workshop with Nisha Ramayya

Spiritually and materially attuned on a bridge between performance-as-sacrifice, Nisha Ramayya leads a writing workshop exploring everyday poetics and listening-as-vibration: hearing, feeling and resonating with the world that exists on earth, under the sea and in outer space.

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7 pm
Quantum Listening
Reading and Sonic Meditation with IONE (virtual) and Sarah Shin

In her manifesto Quantum Listening, musician and composer Pauline Oliveros explores technology and spirituality to ask: What is the difference between hearing and listening? Does sound have consciousness? Can you imagine listening beyond the edge of your own imagination? IONE reads from the text, followed by an opportunity for questions from the audience.

8 pm
Altered States
Poetry reading with Jesse Darling, Paige Emery, Hannah Gregory, Johanna Hedva, Nisha Ramayya and Jenna Sutela

Standing at the thresholds of alterity to propose a new psychedelic style for the twenty-first century, Ignota’s latest poetry collection Altered States includes encounters with dreams, panpsychism, artificial intelligence, grief, plant allies, mushrooms, ritual and journeys in sound and beyond. Berlin-based writers, poets and artists Jesse Darling, Hannah Gregory, Johanna Hedva and Jenna Sutela read from their contributions. The reading will close with a practice with Paige Emery, guiding participants through her “Instructions for Self-Hypnosis”.

10 pm
The Neon Hieroglyph
Screening of a film by Tai Shani, with Molly Moody and Maxwell Sterling

Closing with a special screening of Tai Shani’s The Neon Hieroglyph with a live score by composer Maxwell Sterling and narration by Molly Moody. The Neon Hieroglyph is a 57 minute hallucination around ergot and various historic feminized nodes and other orbital considerations in the form of a series of poetic considerations on the fungus that grows on rye and other common grains from which LSD is derived. Traveling from the cellular to the galactic, from Palaeolithic cave markings to the optic markings left by drone photography in our internal eye, dancing plagues, communist psychedelic witches, hyper-sexual fungi, descents and ascents.