film & video: CP08 Test Patterns

Sat, Feb 2, 2008
4 pm
Admission: 7 Euros, concessions 5 Euros

The film and video section consists of a series of screenings relating thematically to the motto of the festival. Works range from feature film programmes [FP] to a number of compilation programmes [CP] and special programmes [SP].


Mareike Berniende [de]

’Testbild’ marks a range between structural film and radioplay. Picture and language systems examine the ranges between visibility and invisibility, between subject and environment, between narration and possibility.

Ludwig Light MMVII

Ralph Juergen Colmar [de/uk]

Summary of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s ‘Tractatus Logico Philosophicus’, animated by torch light.

John Lautner - The Desert Hot Springs Motel

Sasha Pirker [at/us]

The eventful life of writer Steve Lowe merges with the playfully functionalistic mood of the architecture of John Lautner, which exudes the essence of California Modernism.

Magnetic Movie

Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman, Joe Gerhardt) [uk]

Magnetic Movie explores the remarkable secret life of invisible interplanetary magnetic fields, revealed as chaotic everchanging geometries in man’s visible environment.

Helen A/B + das Meer

Sabine Marte [at]

In this video Marte’s continuous investigation of the construction of meaning and filmic conventions is dedicated to romantic genre conventions and clichés.

Il Citadino

Michelle Deignan [it/uk]

An actress performs a series of speeches to the camera. Her delivery echoes broadcast documentary and news report styles, where she combines facts about this remote area of Europe with anecdotes about the director of the film.

Parallel Paradises

Manuel Saiz [es/jp]

Rin and Mai are two dancers of parapara, a disco dance trend popular in Japan. Their perfectly synchronised movements have a very precise pace and protocol, like they were speaking an unknown language.


Katarina Matiasek [at]

The media reflexive analysis is based on Rilke’s ideas about the phonograph and the possibility of playing what was never recorded, such as cranial seams of the human skull.

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