film & video: CP07 Power Structures

Sat, February 2, 2008
Admission: 7 Euros, concessions 5 Euros

The film and video section consists of a series of screenings relating thematically to the motto of the festival. Works range from feature film programmes [FP] to a number of compilation programmes [CP] and special programmes [SP].

The Three Failures

Michael Blum [lv/se/us]

Michael Blum is looking at the three definitive ideologies of the 20th century: communism, social-democracy, and capitalism.


Butler Brothers [uk]

A defence contractor’s networking party rendered as Poe’s‘ Masque of the Red Death’. We’re the Prime Contractors. We do it all. No returns, no refunds, no kidding.

Kogel Vogel

Federico Campanale [nl]

A bullet is fired through many thin glass plates. We follow it along its journey through the various layers until the final collision.

Dirty Pictures

John Smith [uk]

Moving from one hotel in Bethlehem to another in East Jerusalem, the filmmaker encounters a series of problems involving a ceiling, a video camera and the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Randall Packer

State of the Union [uk]

This remix of President George W. Bush’s 2005 State of the Union speech is set to Richard Wagner’s Liebestod from the opera Tristan and Isolde. In Bush’s speech, a mother whose son died in the Iraq War embraces an Iraqi woman who had just voted in the recent election.

High Speed

Dominic Gagnon [ca]

‘High Speed’ presents people who maintain few or no ties with time, space and their bodies. Those who approach the conditions of the ‘pure mind’: the ultimate utopia of human / technological development; the futurist dream of speed or the contemporary fantasy of web surfers.

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