2021, Sun, Oct 31

Europe is Failing

How does a humane refugee policy become possible?

Photo: HVGP (HUMBOLT-VIADRINA Governance Platform)

Photo: HVGP (HUMBOLT-VIADRINA Governance Platform)

How could refugee policy in Germany and the European Union be better planned? Gesine Schwan elaborates concrete proposals for this question in her new book Europa versagt. Eine menschliche Flüchtlingspolitik ist möglich. In doing so, she shows that there are options besides deterrence and increased border protection. Cities and municipalities are very willing to accept refugees and dealing with them is not a marginal issue for the EU, but one that goes to its heart. It shows the values that Europe stands for.

Gesine Schwan discusses the challenges and opportunities of a humane refugee policy and the resulting tasks for a future German government with Green Party MP Franziska Brantner and Till Rummenohl from the sea rescue organization SOS Méditerranée.

With Gesine Schwan, Franziska Brantner and Till Rummenhohl, moderator: Malisa Zobel