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May 2022


Sebastian Münster | 1570 edition of the Chart of Sea Monsters

Sebastian Münster | 1570 edition of the Chart of Sea Monsters

Feral is what was first changed by humans but is now beyond systems of control and escapes domestication. Ferity can be messy, unruly, the impure realm between the natural and artificial, between technology and imagination, science and art. Humans and nonhuman animals, ecologies, effects, processes, but also theories can be feral in this sense. Few outside of desolate circumstances will choose the feral state, which is often marked by violence, isolation and insecurity. Yet what is the current political, ecological and social situation if not desolate? For this edition of the New Alphabet School modern witches, artists, urban gardeners, storytellers and escapees explore these multidimensional spaces in lectures and workshops, inquiring how to address, create and use feral cartographies as liberating confusions. How can feral spirituality be practiced when connections to certain traditions have been lost? How can we address feral phenomena that cannot be grasped in established categories? Is it possible to feralize one’s thoughts?

Curated in cooperation with Agata Kowalewska and Jacob Eriksen