2021, Sun, Aug 15

Strange Matter VI (HEL on Earth)

Live film performance by Luxusberlin

Luxusberlin | Strange Matter VI (HEL on Earth), film still

Luxusberlin | Strange Matter VI (HEL on Earth), film still

Mixed media: Video, Super8, slides, prepared piano
With Claudia Splitt and Michael Busch

Strange matter doesn’t occur on Earth in a stable form. The strange quark it contains causes a state of constant dissolution and transformation, a threat to our material world. The volatility of matter, its “strangeness,” is the essence of Luxusberlin’s performance. Michael Busch and Claudia Splitt create a live film using live music, digital and analog projections, words and songs. Images are superimposed, complemented by sound collages and a narrative in which contaminated water and torrential rains threaten both the underworld and the earth’s surface.

Hel on Earth refers to the Blanke Helle, a small park in Berlin’s Tempelhof district. According to legend, it is the entrance to the subterranean realm of Hel, the Germanic goddess of the underworld and fertility. Starting from this special place, Luxusberlin unfolds a Berlin painting in time à la Walter Benjamin.

Luxusberlin is a performance group that has been active in Berlin with changing lineups since the mid-1990s. It currently consists of founding member Michael Busch and performer and singer Claudia Splitt (andcompany&Co, Madonna Hip Hop Massaker).