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Installation: It’s not over

The joint plaintiffs speak out one year after the NSU trial

One monitor: The faces of the ten murder victims of the NSU, nine small business owners with Turkish-Kurdish and Greek names and a policewoman with a German name: Enver Şimşek, Abdurrahim Özüdogru, Süleyman Taşköprü, Habil Kılıç, Mehmet Turgut, İsmail Yaşar, Theodoros Boulgaridis, Mehmet Kubaşık, Halit Yozgat and Michèle Kiesewetter.

One screen: Kassel 2006, the demonstration No 10th Victim. Ismail Yozgat carries the picture of his murdered son; Elif Kubaşık carries the photo of her husband. They organized the demonstration so they would finally be heard. Semiya Şimşek, the daughter of the first murder victim, Enver Şimşek, addresses the demonstrators – and thus the spectators in front of the screen.

An installation with short films and information about the crimes of the NSU takes viewers from the demonstration in Kassel to the day of sentencing in 2018 and to those who have their say with It’s Not Over: Adile and Semiya Şimşek, Elif and Gamze Kubaşık, the relatives of the NSU murder victims