2007, Sat, Sep 22

The Godfather - A Trilogy by Francis Ford Coppola

Director's Night

Through their view of the city on the Hudson, the big names of the American author's movie have shaped the picture of New York that generations of viewers worldwide hold stored in their memories. Their stories, however, have also become a true school of urban sensibility. In their films, the anonymity of the big city is not a threat but a promise of good fortune – the prospect of random encounters, the possibility of alternative life-paths.

5 pm The Godfather I, USA 1972, 168 min

8:30 pm The Godfather II, USA 1974, 192 min

12 midnight The Godfather III, USA 1990, 163 min (I-III dubbed)

Coppola's epic trilogy "The Godfather" is considered one of the best American films ever. With stars including Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton and James Caan, the film, based on Mario Puzzo's novel of the same name, tells of the rise and fall of one of the great mafia bosses, Don Corleone. This day offers the rare opportunity of full immersion in Coppola's New York.