2007, Fri, Oct 19

William Pope.L

In The Cabin!

William Pope L. | (c) Lydia Grey

William Pope L. | (c) Lydia Grey

nomadic new york counters Manhattan's restless flow of money with "decelerated" in-between spaces. Their performance art refuses spectacle. It takes on a political dimension through the formation of temporary collectives which occupy spaces in new ways. The artists open up New York and New York through their nomadic coming and going, their avoidance of fixed structures. In Berlin they will tell us a story of life in the global metropolis, a story that we all have in common.

William Pope.L defines himself as the "friendliest black artist in America.“ His works investigate the social structures of the United States. As Chief Executive Officer of the Black Factory he operates a collaborative project that brings "blackness into the jungle, where there is a lack of it, in the American hinterland." In his performance "The Great White Way" William Pope.L crawled across Manhattan dressed as Superman. "In The Cabin!" is a "highly theatrical moment in the life of a prestigious unemployed politician who has withdrawn from the public eye. The cabin is his new castle. A typical evening there includes a lot of chocolate, artificial snow, extremely curvaceous women and, of course, songs about melancholy and stupidity."

Curated by André Lepecki, New York University