2007, Sat, Aug 25

Chase Granoff & Jon Moniaci

BOREDOM!!! (as an amplifier)

Chase Granoff | (c) Alex Escalante

Chase Granoff | (c) Alex Escalante

nomadic new york counters Manhattan's restless flow of money with "decelerated" in-between spaces. Their performance art refuses spectacle. It takes on a political dimension through the formation of temporary collectives which occupy spaces in new ways. The artists open up New York and Berlin through their nomadic coming and going, their avoidance of fixed structures. In Berlin they will tell us a story of life in the global metropolis, a story that we all have in common.

To the American entertainment industry, boredom is a cardinal sin. When Chase Granoff and Jon Moniaci develop their language of movement to live-generated electronic sounds in "BOREDOM!!! (as an amplifier)", the situation becomes complicated for performers and spectators alike. This is not entertainment in the conventional sense. Extreme tension arises when breathlessly static and subliminally explosive moments coincide. Dancer and performer Chase Granoff and the electronic musician, composer and performer Jon Moniaci live and work in Brooklyn. In New York this piece can be seen in the performance series curated by Granoff, "Live Sh—", at the Chocolate Factory on Long Island. In Berlin, Granoff and Moniaci will work in response to the spatial conditions of the Congress Hall.

Curated by André Lepecki, New York University