Hermeto Pascoal

Thu, Nov 21, 2019
8 pm
Evening ticket: 13€/10€
Hermeto Pascoal and band, Photo: Gabriel Quintão

In 2008, on his website Hermeto Pascoal declared all of the recordings of his music freely available to all musicians in Brazil and the world. “Make abundant use of it!” he demanded. Pascoal is a jazz genius, multi-instrumentalist, self-taught, veteran bandleader, in the words of Miles Davis “the most impressive musician in the world.” From his earliest days as a forró accordion player in the 1950s, the reinvention of Brazilian música nordestina with the legendary Quarteto Novo in the 1960s and recordings with US jazz greats in the 1970s, Pascoal’s musical cravings have never waned. His compositions range from romantic to loud, from folklore futurism to sound art, his means from all types of flutes and saxophone, to accordion and synthesizer, to a series of invented percussion instruments (hubcaps, teapots, bowls full of stones) and the human body. According to his aura sound concept, music also comes from spoken words, from traffic noise and from any other conceivable sound source (quite a challenge for copyright protection). The legendary sound inventor comes to HKW with his five-piece band.