2018, Thu, Aug 23

Artistic gestures and practices of thought—writing, drawing, and publishing

© KAO Jun-Honn, 2017

© KAO Jun-Honn, 2017

Linking artistic gestures and publishing practices: This is not just about writing and publishing, but also about questioning conventional forms of presentation and reception and re-illuminating the construction of symbolic spaces. With Babak Afrassiabi and Nasrin Tabatabai, editors of the Farsi/English magazine Pages, the filmmaker and illustrator KAO Jun-Honn, who deals with the transformations in present-day Taiwan, the author Walid Sadek, who will present his essay compilation written in Beirut, The Ruin to Come, as well as further contributions by Nida Ghouse, Alexander Schellow, Leah Whitman-Salkin and Paola Yacoub.

Detailed program: www.mottodistribution.com

Curated by Corinne Diserens and Motto Books, supported by the Taipeh Representative Office (Taiwan) in the Federal Republic of Germany