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2018, Fri, Aug 10

The Story of Lovers Rock / Jemima & Johnny

The Story of Lovers Rock (film still) | © Promo

The Story of Lovers Rock (film still) | © Promo

The Story of Lover’s Rock
D: Menelik Shabazz, GB 2011, HD File, 96 min, OV eng.

Documentary about the musical and political power of the UK reggae style.
The lyrics are mostly about love, and the dancing is done closely intertwined: Lover’s Rock is a sensual reggae style, influenced by the music of London’s Caribbean immigrants. The film, composed from interviews, archival images and fictional scenes, emanates both emotions and political power: above all the musical genre gives black British women an audible voice.

Jemima & Johnny
D: Lionel Ngakane, GB 1966, 35mm, s/w, 29 min, OV eng.

An environmental study inspired by the race riots of 1958.
A boy and a girl go hand in hand investigating their neighbourhood. Their different skin colours play no role for them, but they do for the inhabitants of their part of London. Inspired by the Race Riots of 1958.