How we want to work: the taz lab on the future of labor

Sat, Apr 21, 2018
8.30 am
Tickets: 40€/20€, political price: 60€

What should work be like in the future? What will happen to all the low-skilled, long-term unemployed? How is the value of work changing?

At the 2018 taz lab activists and academics will talk about diligence and laziness, digitization and precarization, unionism and start-up-ism, about automation and work-life balances, trade unions and class struggles, about beauty and ugliness and the art of building a better society.

With Gunda Nieman-Stirnemann, Robert Habeck, Christian Lindner, Daniel Häni, Katja Kipping, Paula-Irene Villa, Christiane Benner, Nina Verheyen, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Idil Baydar, Harald Welzer and others.