The Asia-Pacific Weeks Berlin 2005

A new perspective - Country focus: Korea
2005, Sep 19, Mon — 2005, Oct 02, Sun

The Asia-Pacific-Weeks present the Open air-event Nomadic Plaza and the closing concert with the Philippine singer and songwriter Grace Nono at the House of World Cultures and the exhibition project The Voice of Thunder.

The House of World Cultures presents as part of the Asia-Pacific-Weeks Spaces and Shadows, Contemporary Art from South East Asia and Performing Arts from Korea.

The APW's strong partners

The APW’s strategic partners, the Asia-Pacific Forum (APFB), the Technology Foundation Berlin (TSB) and the House of World Cultures (HKW) assist the Senate Office in planning and staging the Asia-Pacific Weeks.

The Asia-Pacific Forum Berlin (APFB)

The APFB arranges the events on economic issues and assists in preparing the science programme under the overall control of the TSB. A large number of companies and individuals have joined forces in the APFB European-Asian network, which attracts forward-looking potential from the business community and society at large, as well as from the fields of culture and science. In this way, it promotes a dialogue in the German capital with the countries in the Asian-Pacific region.

The House of World Cultures

The House of World Cultures (HKW) will be responsible for conceiving and co-ordinating the cultural side of the Asia-Pacific Weeks in 2005 in co-operation with the Senate Office as well as partners in Berlin and throughout the world. In line with the overall concept, the HKW invites Berlin cultural organisations as well as Asian embassies, associations and interest groups represented in Berlin to participate in the APW with their own cultural programmes. With its extensive international connections, the HKW contributes to the international networking of the project.

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The Asia-Pacific Weeks are supported by the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin (DKLB).