Internationaler Literaturpreis 2022

Prize for Contemporary Literature in Translation
Award Ceremony June 22, 2022

Visual: Timo Lenzen

How do authors and translators write about the upheavals and interconnections of the present? What futures are emerging in their work? What interpretations of the past? Immersed in a dizzying now, it seems hard to imagine that anything could ever change. This is where literature comes in. It can take both a critical and empathetic look at the states and conditions that make up our lives and our living together.

It’s time for new languages. The Internationaler Literaturpreis is looking for authors and translators whose writing goes counter to the “same old same old,” who recognize the infinite potential of translation, who turn to their readers and challenge them in equal measure. In 2022, the Internationaler Literaturpreis will again be searching for books that do something with language – precisely because they reach us in translation.

Haus der Kulturen der Welt and Stiftung Elementarteilchen are awarding the Internationaler Literaturpreis for the fourteenth time. Endowed with €35,000 (€20,000 for the author, €15,000 for the translator) – it honors an outstanding work of contemporary international literature in its first German translation. The award thus acknowledges both the original work and the translation, a dual focus that is unique in the German awards landscape. All other shortlisted authors and translators receive €1,000 each.

Title submission

Deadline: January 31, 2022
More information in German

May 24, 2022
Announcement of the shortlist

Jun 22, 2022
Award ceremony at HKW