8th Internationaler Literaturpreis

Award for translated contemporary literatures
Celebration of the Shortlist & Award Ceremony June 25, 2016

Internationaler Literaturpreis

Internationaler Literaturpreis

Narration and translation in an accelerated literary present:
The 2016 Internationaler Literaturpreis – Haus der Kulturen der Welt goes to the Franco-Indian author Shumona Sinha and her translator Lena Müller for Erschlagt die Armen! translated from the French. “The diagnostic power of literature: The original novel was published in 2011 and is far more than a commentary on the current situation. The monolog of the first person narrator – an interpreter in a French asylum determining authority [...] unyieldingly demonstrates what happens when the truth does not fit into the given scheme. Lena Müller has powerfully conveyed Sinha’s harsh prose into German with her unruly, poetic barbs,” the jury explains its decision. The Internationaler Literaturpreis is endowed with €35,000 (€20,000 for the author, €15,000 for the translator).
On June 25 the shortlisted authors and translators, the prizewinning duo, the jury and guests gathered for Extending the Reading Zone, the celebration of the shortlist and the award ceremony. In readings, discussions of the material, interviews and roundtable discussions, they opened a multilingual course running through the contemporary “making of literature,” the multiple practices of writing, translating and reading and their consequences.

The Shortlist 2016

Johannes Anyuru | Paul Berf
Ein Sturm wehte vom Paradiese her
Swedish: En storm kom från paradiset
Luchterhand Literaturverlag 2015 | Norstedts, Stockholm 2012

Joanna Bator | Lisa Palmes
Dunkel, fast Nacht
Polish: Ciemno, prawie noc
Suhrkamp Verlag 2016 | W.A.B., Warschau 2012

Alexander Ilichevsky | Andreas Tretner
Der Perser
Russian: Pers
Suhrkamp Verlag 2016 | Astrel, Moskau 2010

Valeria Luiselli | Dagmar Ploetz
Die Geschichte meiner Zähne
Spanish: La historia de mis dientes
Verlag Antje Kunstmann 2016 | Editorial Sexto Piso, Mexiko 2014

Shumona Sinha | Lena Müller
Erschlagt die Armen!
French: Assommons les pauvres!
Edition Nautilus 2015 | Editions de l'Olivier, Paris 2011

Ivan Vladislavić | Thomas Brückner
Double Negative
English: Double Negative
A1 Verlag 2015 | Umuzi, Kapstadt 2010