Oct 06–09, 2005


Concert series

Music programme

Four big orchestras from Bali, Sunda/West Java, Central Java and West Sumatra will be presenting different sides of contemporary Gamelan music.

In these ensembles, the groups of metallophones and gongs perform their part brilliantly within a highly artificial structure, just as the gamelan orchestras themselves once played an important social and spiritual role. Gamelan is still Indonesia’s best-known cultural emblem.

A strict definition of "gamelan" does not exist, even in Indonesia. The term refers broadly to music ensembles, especially those including percussion instruments. Bronze metallophones and gongs make up the main body of instruments, although there are also other ensembles made up of musicians playing on wood, bamboo and iron instruments that nonetheless fall under the category of gamelan. However, many different types of instruments (drums, flutes, string instruments, etc.) can also be included. The number of musicians ranges from two to fifty.

The four-day festival will give visitors an opportunity to hear modern pieces by renowned Indonesian composers and to experience the rich diversity of Indonesian culture. Members of the Deutsches Symphonie Orchester will give a concert.

Within the framework of the Asia-Pacific Weeks, which are supported by the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin (DKLB).