Anthropocene Lectures


The “Anthropocene” – the geological epoch of humans – has established itself as a key concept within a wider scientific and social discourse. In the midst of the dramatic and destabilizing changes wrought by it, new potential for human action upon the Earth demand exploration, asking: Which forms of cooperation could arise from a new awareness of the human role in interlacing nature and technology?

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Video – 0:43:21

Anthropocene Lecture: Bruno Latour

English original version Lecture, May 4, 2018

Video – 1:01:16

Discussion with Bruno Latour, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber

Part of “Anthropocene Lecture: Bruno Latour“ Moderated by Bernd Scherer English original version May 4, 2018

Video – 1:44:47

Anthropocene Lecture: McKenzie Wark

With Giulia Rispoli English original version Lecture, May 28, 2017