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Urban and Digital Space | Workshop Results, moderated by metroZones

Civil Society 4.0 – Refugees and Digital Self Organization
Thu, Mar 3 – Sat, Mar 5, 2016

Refugees, volunteers, activists, digital developers, theorists and artists gather to discuss tools and strategies for refugee’s self-organization. The situation in Germany is changing dramatically. New challenges are coming up. What needs to be done? What is important for empowerment and self-organization? In working groups, refugees and non-refugees activists and their supporters meet to analyze the current needs and develop responses.

Urban and Digital Space
Connecting spaces – digital, urban and trans-local relations and strategies
The workshop deals with refugee and non-refugee practices and experiences using digital technologies and their importance in everyday life, political emergencies and urban space. Which spaces, places, communities and realities are we connecting to and connected to through our use of mobile phones, instant messengers and other social media? How do our digital experiences relate to physical encounters and face-to-face relations? With and moderated by metroZones