In the discussion series Theatre of Reconciliation, Max Czollek encounters people who are exploring questions of memory. How do societies remember? What does the much-lauded German Erinnerungskultur—culture of remembrance—have to do with the question of belonging? What does remembrance mean for the German, European, and international present? 

The focus of the series rests on a pluralistic present, especially that of German society, and on all those without whom the present would look very different. In 2023 the series launches, guided by the motto it has been, continues in 2024 with it could have been, before it passes through the phases is and will be, to arrive, with the future perfect, at will have been.

The title of the series is also the title of Max Czollek’s third volume of essays,Versöhnungstheater, which was published by Carl Hanser Verlag in 2023.